Watch Me Grow Photography



The Watch Me Grow program offers an incredible way to document the amazing changes during your baby’s first year.

So many transformations take place in that first wonderful year and we would be honoured to be a part of your baby’s life, documenting the little changes and the 3 big milestones as they move from baby to toddler:

3-4 months: At this age the baby can hold their head up and is inquisitive about the world around them.

6-7 months: Most babies are sitting up unaided at this age.

12 months: The baby can either stand whilst holding onto something or has taken their first few steps.


Watch Me Grow – £150

The programme fee includes three sessions during the first year from which you can choose 2 8×6 images from each session; one image will be available to you once printed and the other will be presented in a triplicate frame with an image from the other 2 session.

Newborn + Watch Me Grow – £200

Includes – everything that is listed above PLUS a Newborn baby session.


As with our studio sessions a range of products and artwork will be available to purchase.